A young girl , just 14 months old, was found dead in the family car after succumbing to excessive heat exposure.  She died from heat stroke, a death brought on by being left in a car for an entire day.  The outside temperature on this day was in the 90 degree range.  However, death from heat stroke has been documented in children when the outside air temperature hovers at as little as 65...

September 17, 2019

Kelly Ann Cosentino, in front of donated billboard signs in Miami.  Courtesy: Carter Outdoor Advertising Company.

I must announce that I am now in college, but I am not giving up!  Before I left for school, I spent a week working on the Florida Senate floor as a "Page". It was exciting and I had a chance to watch debates over Florida gun laws, students came forward in support of stronger legis...

A familiar scene- First Responders at the scene of a child forgotten in the back seat.  A National Epidemic

So far, 791 children have died since 1998 as a result of vehicular heat stroke, or as I refer to it as Baby Heat Stroke.  This year is getting close to setting an all-time record for the number of deaths for one year.  Only 2009 was more deadly, with 


 Kit Noelle Pollard, a one year old, was forgotten in the back seat of the family car at a  gas station to die from baby heat stroke.  Mother is being charged with Negligent Manslaughter

Once again, a parent has forgotten her child in the back seat of the family car.  This young child was left in the family car for seven hours, while the mother went to work.  The mother discovered the chi...

Young Aiden Miller, a 3 month old child, was forgotten in the back seat of his family car in New Albany Indiana, according to MSN News.  The parents are devastated, and it was the father's "ex-girlfriend" that forgot the child in the car.  Again, and this happens all the time, the driver got confused when dropping off other children at the daycare center.  It was only 78 degrees outside, but cars...

The third death in Florida for 2017 due to baby heat stroke. A young child dies after being forgotten in the back of a car for eight hours.

Two more children die from baby heat stroke in Texas. A total of die deaths so far for 2017.

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