A memorial is set up outside the home of young Jaxon Stilts, who died from baby heat stroke

Britni Wihebrink, was arrested on Thursday on charts of "neglect of a dependent resulting in death".  

Ms. Wihebrink is being charged with the death of her son, young 1 year old Jaxon.  If convicted of this felony charge, she could go to jail for up to 40 years.   Her son was found unresponsive on Wedne...

                        Louvenia Johnson wil serve 11 months in prison for her negligence. 

In August of 2017, a young boy, Jai'Nier Barnes, died from baby heat stroke after being left in the "His Arms Christian Academy's" school van, in Pensacola, Florida.   Louvenia Johnson was responsible for transporting the children to the school, but...

 An 11-year old girl died in Coram, New York from heat stroke after being found in back seat.

Tragically, an 11 year old girl was found dead in the back seat of the family car, according to Newsday  The outside temperature was a hot 91 degrees and the inside temperature of the car could easily have been 20, 30 or more degrees hotter.  The car was parked, windows closed.  It appears that family memb...

A second death in Alabama, of a child left in the back set of the family car, occurred on August 23, 2018.  The young 2-year girl was "forgotten" in the back set.  The first death in Alabama happened in May, that child was 4 years old.  However, the state of Alabama, the 13th worst state for heat stroke deaths among children (baby heat stroke) took strong legal action.  The first death back i...

Once again,  as we reach this deadly time of year, the number of children dying in the back seat of the family car is increasing.  Since my last blog, another 10 children have died from baby heat stroke.  Slade Edison Horne, died at just 7 months.  It was 91 degrees in Kingsland, Georgia when she was forgotten in the back seat of the family car.  

On June 21, young remingto...

 Hannah died on June 5 after being left in the back seat.  It was 90 degrees outside in Indiana, but her body temperature was so high, that she succumbed to baby heat stroke and pronounced dead at the hospital.  The tragedy began when the family went to church.  Thinking the child was with the other siblings, she was left in the back of the car sleeping.  She was not discovered unti...

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