September 17, 2019

Kelly Ann Cosentino, in front of donated billboard signs in Miami.  Courtesy: Carter Outdoor Advertising Company.

I must announce that I am now in college, but I am not giving up!  Before I left for school, I spent a week working on the Florida Senate floor as a "Page". It was exciting and I had a chance to watch debates over Florida gun laws, students came forward in support of stronger legis...

Mr. Sheng Li and his 11 month old daughter who died thursday from baby heat stroke.  Ms. Sheng Li has been arrested for "Negligent homicide".

Today, Mr. Sheng Li was arrested for the "negligent homicide" of his 11 month old daughter.  She died at the local hospital in Louisiana on Thursday from baby heat stroke.  I had commented in yesterday's blog that the officer had been casual about the intervi...

The Carter Outdoor Advertising company donated 2 signs to the organization to promote child safety.

The third death in Florida for 2017 due to baby heat stroke. A young child dies after being forgotten in the back of a car for eight hours.

On June 8, 2017, Kelly Ann Cosentino received a Proclamation from Mayor Tomas Regalado and the city commissioners making June 8, "Kelly Ann Cosentino and The Baby Heat Stroke Institute Day in the City of Miami."

                                        These numbers are wrong- another 92 children have died needlessly

 I was reminded that teaching parents and caregivers to "Look before you Lock" is a matter of life and death.  Since I printed this poster, an additional 92 children have died!  From something complet...

Pine crest Police investigating baby heat stroke incident

A 1 year old boy, Samuel Schnall, died from being forgotten in the back of a car in Pinecrest, Florida.  He is the first death for the new year and died from baby heat stroke.  There are not many details about who left the little boy in the car, but it seems that caretakers were responsible.  I live only a mile or two from the location.  Yes...

I had the chance to be interviewed on Inside Edition and get the word about the dangers of leaving children in cars unattended.

August 24, 2015


The company that makes many products for children, Evenflo, has created a new product: a sensor designed to prevent babies and children from getting left behind.  Nothing that I have ever seen before was a guarantee to protect a child's life.  I am hoping this device will work.  It is a "heat sensor" It works with cars that are 2008 or newer.  It will be built into car seats and wi...

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