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The third death in Florida for 2017 due to baby heat stroke. A young child dies after being forgotten in the back of a car for eight hours.

                                        These numbers are wrong- another 92 children have died needlessly

 I was reminded that teaching parents and caregivers to "Look before you Lock" is a matter of life and death.  Since I printed this poster, an additional 92 children have died!  From something complet...

June 17, 2015

 A CNN correspondent confesses that she left her 14 month old baby in the car on a hot July day.  It can happen to anyone, and it does.  This mom meant no wrong, but in a hurry, with a new child, she simply forgot.  Please listen to her story.  We have to get the word out- "Don't leave kids in the back of cars."  

Thanks, Kelly Ann. 


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The Heat in Miami is unbearable- 93 degrees with no stop. Children are dying.

September 17, 2019

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