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Pine crest Police investigating baby heat stroke incident

A 1 year old boy, Samuel Schnall, died from being forgotten in the back of a car in Pinecrest, Florida.  He is the first death for the new year and died from baby heat stroke.  There are not many details about who left the little boy in the car, but it seems that caretakers were responsible.  I live only a mile or two from the location.  Yes...

August 24, 2015


The company that makes many products for children, Evenflo, has created a new product: a sensor designed to prevent babies and children from getting left behind.  Nothing that I have ever seen before was a guarantee to protect a child's life.  I am hoping this device will work.  It is a "heat sensor" It works with cars that are 2008 or newer.  It will be built into car seats and wi...

June 17, 2015

 A CNN correspondent confesses that she left her 14 month old baby in the car on a hot July day.  It can happen to anyone, and it does.  This mom meant no wrong, but in a hurry, with a new child, she simply forgot.  Please listen to her story.  We have to get the word out- "Don't leave kids in the back of cars."  

Thanks, Kelly Ann. 


November 3, 2014

A great experiment!  Watch how people react to saving a baby from a hot car.  What would you do?  Would you call the police?  Break a window?  Scream for help?  Too many people walked away, but the one's that stayed and called the police are heros.  Please watch and what do you think?  Thanks, Kelly Ann. 

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The Heat in Miami is unbearable- 93 degrees with no stop. Children are dying.

September 17, 2019

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