Here is a chance to get out in the community and promote a good cause.  Start your own chapter today.  You could save the life of a child.   

You can get involved.  Start your own chapter today.

If you would like to help spread the word- hot  cars kill children, why not start your own chapter of  I will add your chapter to the website, you can contribute to the blog, you can hold events at local supermarkets, and other stores.  All along, meeting all kinds of good people, handing them our reminder hangers, and gaining valuable community service for your own school service hours.

Get Involved- Save a Life!

Receive promotion materials

We will help you 


You may use our free "hangers" to promote the need to keep vigilant regarding our children. We can send you several hundred to start, and more as you need. We can even send you a promotional banner (see the home page) which you may use.   

Write a Blog

We will include your blog writing into the main website.

You may write as often or as little as you like.  Have you heard any local news about a child left in a car?  Did someone in your town rescue a child? Write about anything that will help suport awareness of the cause.  

Send Pictures

We will include your pictures taken at your event.

The pictures you take in support of public awareness, will be included, if you like, on the site.  Plus, I will create a special page just for your "chapter".  We are a team, and your work is important to saving lives.





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