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More kids Left in a Hot car- It's 90 degrees outside!

Sad news, a mom left her children in a car- a hot car- while she went shopping! This happenened on July 29, 2014 and was reported by ABC News. The mother is 27 years old, and is going to face criminal charges for leaving her little one's alone in a super hot car. It's Summer, cars heat up fast. The temperature yesterday was 90 degrees, and the kids sat in the car for 16 minutes before someone spotted them. The police came, and the kids were given water and treated for heat exposure by police and paramedics.

Now, the mom had to spend the night at the Fulton County Jail until she was able to come up with $8,000 in bail. (That means, the mom has to leave money with the court to get out until she stands in front of a judge). This is serious. Now, she has to appear before a judge and explain why she should not be convicted of "reckless conduct".

We have to get the word out- hot cars are dangerous for kids, even for 16 minutes. The picture of this little boy, is also quite sad. He was not forgotten in the car, he crawled into his parents parked car. He became trapped, unable to open the door. He died from heat stroke. Parents, keep your car locked all the time.

A big thank you for all those good people that rescued the children. Who knows how long they would have had to wait in the car if someone didn't report the kids alone? Thank you. Mom- Don't ever, ever do this again.

What do you think? Should mom's go to jail when they forget their kids in the car? Should caregivers go to jail when they leave the kids in a hot car? What should be done if the children die? I would love to hear from you. Please comment. Kelly Ann

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