July- Heat stoke has killed 15 children left in cars

There have been 15 deaths in the U.S. in July, so far. A little less than last year, but still 15 more than necessary. A 22 month old boy, Cooper Harris, died from heatstroke in Georgia. His parents forgot all about him. He died after sitting in the car for seven hours.

Babies heat up 3 to 4 times faster than adults. Sitting in a hot car is so painful for a young child. I read a report that stated one child was found with bite marks over his arms. He bite himself because he was in so much pain. I guess he didn't know what else to do? After all, he could not move, drink water, open a window. That's horrible. He survived, but he was found in serious condition.

Other children, like little Cooper, are not so lucky. They found his lifeless body seven hours later, but he problably died long before the seventh hour. A car temperature rising to 107 degrees can be fatal for a young child.

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