A terrible Crime

Benjamin Seitz was only 15 months old when he died. He died from the extreme heat in a car. He was left there by a forgetful parent, his dad. A child that dies from extreme heat dies from "hyperthermia". Our bodies can't take such heat. Children, are three times more sensitive to the heat than adults. We do not know how long little Benjamin was in the back seat, but we know that car temperatures can rise very quickly. Children have died in cars when the outside temperature was only 70 degrees! Unlike what some people have thought, children have died in the northern part of our country as well. Benjamin iwas from Ridgefield, Connecticut.

According to CNN, the father was going to drop off his son at his daycare. But, the dad went to work instead and got out of the car completely forgetting aobut Benjamin in the back. When the father returned to the car, benjamin was dead. The death of the little boy was said to be a "homicide" and the cause of death was "hyperthermia due to environmental exposure." That is a long sentence for a baby that died for no good reason.

What do you think. WIll the father go to jail? Should he? What can be done about these poor children that get trapped in hot cars? Thank you. Kelly Ann. www.babyheatstroke.org.

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