A Bystander pulls a baby from a Hot Car- Texas

Again it happens. A child is left in a hot car. This baby, only 9 months old was recently rescured by a bystander. The bystander, a former solider, broke the window with a tire iron, and crawled through the broken glass to save this baby. Wow. Meanwhile, some employees from the area said she could be arrested. Here is some good news- there is a law called the "good samaritan law" in Texas. This means, if you break a window while trying to save a life, you are protected. You can't get arrested. The woman that saved this baby said her military training helped her. She also thanked the people who helped her get a tire iron and spot the little baby. The father was arrested, and sent to jail. He is "out on bond" which means that he has to go back and see a judge.

Texas is the number one place for child deaths in cars. It seems its also be the number one place for heros. The rescurer got hurt in the process. The glass cut her. Thank you Captain Angela Radtke, you have my greatest respect. Captain Radtke, also served in Afghanistan protecting our country. A big hug for you. Kelly Ann

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