The Suffering of a Parent- that "forgot"

49AD684C0000000A514FB0D3.jpg is all about trying to save lives. Trying to get the word out that these deaths CAN be avoided. We also read alot from people who are very angry. "The parents should be thrown in jail." Sometimes we read, "They deserve to suffer." It is tragic of course. But, I recently came across this website. The writer, Mr. Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post, won the Pulitizer Prize, twice. Once, for this article. If you have the time please read the article, and watch the video on the site, it is moving.

Mr. Costell of of Ohio, lost his son back in 2002. He was just a baby at 9 months old. He left him after going to his office. Like so many other people, he just 'forgot" his son was in the back of the car. I think you may agree, whether these parents go to jail or not, their suffering will continue for a lifetime.

What do you think? Thank you, Kelly Ann.

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