Mom Leaves her child alone in a freezing car

Although it is getting colder each month, and heat strokes due to cold are unlikely, children are still being hurt. On November 4, 2014, a mother left her 7 year old child in a cold car wearing only shorts. The mom had fallen asleep in her apartment. She was laer arrested for child abuse .

The mother had driven home and taken her 1 year old child inside the home. Her seven year old child was still in the car asleep. He was in the car for several hours without shoes, socks, a shirt or a blanket. The outside temperature was about 41 degrees. That's cold! Can you imagine being in 41 degrees? Water freezes at 32 degrees, so the boy must have really suffered.

Why did the mom leave this little one in the car? She passed out from a night of drinking. Drinking and driving is extremely dangenerous. This is another reason why we can not allow people to drink and drive. What do you think? WHat should happen to the mom?

Thanks, Kelly Ann. Thank you Deseret News for this story.

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