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Mom leaves her 2 daughters in a freezing car!

A mother thought it was okay to leave her two daughters in the back of a freezing cold car. It was only 16 degrees outside! The mom went into a store for 90 minutes and even found time to get her makeup done.

Children that die from sweltering car temperatures in the summer and die from hyperthermia. But, children that freeze, die from "hypothermia" This happens when the body temperature becomes very low, according to This condition can result in death. Hyperthermia is just the opposite; abnormally high body temperature. Hyperthermia occurs when there is a heat stroke. This can happen when a child is left in the back of a hot car.

The mom was charged with"Child Neglect" . The two girls fortunately survived, and were turned over to relatives, according to the Associated Press published on January 30, 2014. What do you think? It is not only bad enough that children are left in hot cars, but this winter, parents are forgetting their kids in the freezing cars. What should be done?

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