Can a New Electronic Device Save a child's life?

The company that makes many products for children, Evenflo, has created a new product: a sensor designed to prevent babies and children from getting left behind. Nothing that I have ever seen before was a guarantee to protect a child's life. I am hoping this device will work. It is a "heat sensor" It works with cars that are 2008 or newer. It will be built into car seats and will send beeps "through a transmission receiver in the car once the ignition is turned off." As reported in USA Today.

According to Jan Null, a meterologist that is responsible for the leading statistics on heat stroke deaths, these devices could be found in 20 million vehicles or about 10 % of those cars that are on the road now. That means that 2 of the 38 children that die each year could be saved. While that is wonderful, Mr. Null would like to see more children saved. Can a device that senses heat be a good saving device? Perhaps if it was made available for any car seat? Maybe a device that has its own alarm, like a fire alarm, that will set off if the car temperature rises too high? But, who would hear it? Would it be too late, as the caregiver has already walked away? Not an easy solution. For now, please request my rear-view mirror SAFETY TAGS which are simple reminders that there are children in the back seat. The tags are free! What do you think?

Baby Heat Stroke Free

Rear-View Reminders

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