Distractions are causing parents to forget their children in the back of cars!

A child died from heat stroke, on June 3, in Florida. The temperature that day was a high of 83 degrees. The inside temperature of a car, if it is parked in direct sunlight, can reach 130 degrees, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In fact, it only takes about 109 degrees for a child to succumb to heat stroke. Children do not have the same abilities as adults, they are three times more suseptible to high temperatures.

The young girl was Reagan Buckley. She died in the car from heat stroke. That morning, it was only 70 degrees outside when her mom, a school teacher, went off to school forgetting her little girl in the car seat. Little Reagan died in the car. The mother must of course be devastated. But, could this have been avoided? Is this another case of a parent with too much on their mind? May I recommend putting some type of visual reminder in the car to make sure parents and caregivers DON'T forget. My rear-view hangers are free, and I will be happy to mail it out to you. Just send me your address, I will send you one first class mail. We CAN NOT AFFORD to lose our children because of unnecessary deaths.

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