Heatstroke is the #1 way children under 14 die in cars!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that children dying from a heatstroke after being left alone in a car is the #1 reason children die in "non-crash car-related deaths". The research is clear- a child can die in a car even with: 1. Windows open, 2. On a cloudy day 3. When the tempertures are cool (below 70 degrees). Cars heat up quickly and a child is 4 times less likely to be able to withstand the heat than an adult. A report from General Motors shows how fast a car can heat up, even within as little as ten minutes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a child's body can heat up very quickly. In just 15 minutes, the body temperature can reach 106 degrees.

Have you ever had a 106 degree fever? That would be quite serious. Well, its just as serious for a child. Other research shows that the child's organs begin to shut down at 104 degrees. What should you do if you find a child alone in a car? Call the Police immediately. Then, tap on the window. Is the child responsive? If not, it is up to you to save this life. Most states have what is known as "good samaritan laws" You may legally break that window glass to rescue the child. If you can not do it yourself, and you already called the police, find someone to help you. Remember, you may only have seconds to act.

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