Spread the Word: Hot Cars= Death

We have had a baby heat stroke death in January. A grandmother left her grandson in the car. It was cool outside. Some say about 50 degrees. But, when they found the young baby, the car temperature was 100 degrees. The boy's young body could not handle such heat. At 104 degrees, their fragile bodies start to shut down. Death is at the door. So, the entire purpose of babyheatstroke.org, is to educate people. Never leave children unattended in a car, not even for a minute. My grandfather is a good and loving man. But, one day he picked me up from school when I was only about 5 years old. He lovingly walked me over to his car and said "hop in". I knew something was wrong. He had his car, and there was no car seat. I did not know how to put on the regular seat belts, so I sat in the back. Fortunately, nothing happened. That is probably what the grandmother was thinking- it's cool outside, "what could happen." A lot! So, since we are not all scientists and may not be able to prredict the inside temperature of a car after a few minutes, lets remember that cars heat up quickly. The sun can be shinning on the dashboard, and that will heat up quickly. I read that a dashboard can heat up to over 200 degrees. Then, it will release that heat into the car (radiant heat). Before you know it, the car is hot. It depends on the color of the car, whether the car is parked in the sun or shade, if there is an overcast day. There are many factors, and we should never try to predict. Let's spread the word- cars heat up, and kids die. We can save a life by spreading the word: Never leave kids alone in cars, even for a few minutes. This flyer pictured below is a simple reminder you can use, or hand to others. They are free. Just contact me, and I'll send you a bunch. Thanks.

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