Another Child Dies from Heat Stroke

On March 16, 2016, a 7 month old baby girl was left in the back seat of a car. The parent claims it was an accident, an oversight. The baby had been in the car for several hours. For the second time this year, it was the grandmother who left the child in the back of the car. While keeps current with new technology that may save a life, it is still a good method to put up visual signs as a reminder. For example, the free rear-view mirror hangers are available on this site. They are free. Parents and caregivers can leave one of their shoes in the backseat, or something they will need for the day. Seems too much? For the nearly 700 hundred children that have died from heat stroke since 1998, many may have survived with one of these "hints" Many parents and caregivers that leave the child behind are either new parents, not used to transporting children, or they are caregivers operating outside their usual routine, or parents that are in too much of a rush. It is getting hot in America. Please remember- never leave children unattended in a car alone. Think leaving the air conditioner running will make it okay? What if the car turns off while you are gone? What if the air conditioner fails? The child would be left in a hot car, and the consequences severe. If the outside air temperature is warm, it will become an oven in the car after only a few minutes, the research shows.

Please Watch this video, although from last year, the video has great ideas that can help you save a life, maybe tomorrow.

Thanks, Kelly Ann, Founder

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