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Another New Device that may save a life!

A new company has created a device that can protect children from being left in a car unattended. The company is called Sense-A-Life. This company has created a device that gives off a warning to the driver once the door of the car is open. An electronic voice announces that the child is still in the back seat of the car. Please watch this video and see if you think this device can really save a life. Will enough people purchase such a device? Will the technology of this device become too complicated? It needs to be re-charged approximately 3 times a year. Will this technology become wide-spread? Can it be incorporated into the cars of today by the large car manufacturers? We certainly need something right now. In the mean time, you can always request my free rear-view mirror hangers which will remind the driver that there is a child in the back seat. Please watch and see for yourself. Thanks, Kelly Ann, founder of

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