A child dies from Heat stroke on April 21

There is not much information on this child. But, we know that an Ashley Elizabeth "Muffy" Rockefeller, a 2 year old girl, from Annandale Virginia, is the fourth child to die in a car from heatstroke in 2016. Remember, I have written about how outside air temperatures can "fool" caregivers and parents. Even when it is cool outside, the inside air temperature of a car can heat up very quickly. And, the temperature can become dangerous. I have been measuring air temperatures in Miami, Florida. I wanted to see how hot a car can get. On certain days in late April, although the outside air temperature was 70 degrees, the car temperature, when parked in the sun with the windows closed, exceeded 110 degrees! I noticed that happened for quite a few days. I sat inside the car, the back seat, to see what it felt like. I can tell you that 110 degrees was painful. I was in the car for less than two minutes. I felt trapped, it was hard to breath, and i got out quickly. Now, imagine a child, stuck in a car seat, with seat belts, in that kind of heat? It must be a very painful way to die. So, please remember, never ever, ever leave children in the back of a car for any amount of time. Even if it seems cool outside.

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