Baby heat Stroke deaths are 2x this year over same time last year!

The number of baby heat stroke deaths this year is 11! That is double what it was last year. What's happening? Why are parents forgetting their children in the back seats of cars? The last death was a child left in a car with outside air temperature of about 93 degrees. That means the inside of the car can heat up to over 120 degrees. I know. I have been running experiments with multiple thermometers (3) in our cars. With engine off, tinted windows up, parked in the sun, the car temperatures goes over 120 degrees (that is how high the thermometer reads) in only twenty minutes. I have another thermometer which I keep near the glass window in the back. It is behind tinted windows. Still, the temperatures are well over 110, and that is when it is only 80-85 degrees outside.

Why are parents and caregivers leaving children in cars? I noticed that when parents or friends get together while driving, they are not really focused 100% on the road. Many times, they get lost while driving. I say, "Dad, you passed it". Why? because he was talking to mom, or when mom is driving and talking to a friend in the car, she also gets lost. Does this happen to you? Have you ever been on the road to somewhere and you lose track of where you are going, because you are talking on the phone? I think it is common. So the boy in Louisiana that died, his dad is baseball coach, according to FOX news. So, he simply forgot to stop at the day care center and drop off his son. He was thinking about his baseball camp. We have to be especially alert when we do something out of the ordinary. In this case, dad was not used to dropping off his son while going to camp.

I think drivers have to pay attention. Put a sign on your rear view mirror that reminds you that there is a child in the back seat. (I'll mail you a bright one for free) Take off one of your shoes, and place it in the back. Do something to remind yourself- "Don't forget us, we're in the back!"

Thank you, What do you think.

Kelly Ann, Founder

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