I witnessed a trapped dog in a hot car- the story

Several weeks ago, while returning from a store with my brother and dad, I heard little whimpering sounds in a car a parked next to us. I looked in the window and saw a little black dog on the floor of the car with the back seat window open just a crack. I went back to the store and told the manager to make an announcement that the owners need to open the car door immediately. It was 90 degrees outside and the car must be well over 110 degrees (the car was parked in the sun). But, no one came forward and after a few moments, my dad called the police. We stood near the window of the car watching the dog carefully until the fire rescue came. They opened the car door and I gave the dog water to cool down. When the owner of the car came along, it was a mom, dad, and a young girl about eleven years old, they said to the fire rescue officers that the dog was fine, but the police were on the way. In Florida, you may not leave a dog in a hot car. You definitely may not leave a child unattended in a car for any amount of time. Well, the parents got off easy this day because they promised to never do this again. The good rescue people cancelled the police call.

Shouldn't young children be educated about the dangers of hot cars in their schools? The parents should have known, but they really did not care. It was convenient for them to leave the dog in a hot car. I think many parents think that way about their children; "I am just leaving for a minute- my child will be okay." Well, no, no,, no. Never leave children unattended in a car- ever.

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