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27 children have died from baby heat stroke in 2016, so far.

It is a hot summer, and this year has taken more lives than the same time last year. 12 more children have died from being left in cars unattended in 2016 than in 2015. Why? Why are parents leaving their children behind? According to the National Traffic Safety Administration, parents were told not to leave there young children in the front seats because of the dangers of air bag deployment. Children were killed from the airbags going off in the front passenger seat. So, parents started a new trend, and put the car seats exclusively in the back seat.

The problem is that "out of sight, out of mind". Off to the supermarket, the store, work, and these silent children would be, and have been, forgotten. And so, we have 27 children that have died so far in 2016. Including a 6 month old boy left in a SUV in San Antonio. The caregiver went shopping at WalMart. Also in August were two beautiful twin girls left in a hot SUV. They did not survive.

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