Another Child Dies from Heat Stroke

On September 22, another child died from heat stroke after being left in her parents car. The child was only 7 months old and was left in a car with outside air temperatures around the 90's . The father is a NASA employee working in Alabama, who forgot to drop off his child at the day care center at NASA and went directly to work. This is the SINGLE most common reason parents forget their children- they are distracted. They become focused on work, on meeting someone, on buying something, and they simply forget. Parents and caregivers need reminders as these deaths have become far too common. Some suggestions are: leave a shoe in the back seat, have someone call to check on the status of the child, leave one of my free rear-view plaques on your mirror- a constant reminder, put your brief case, purse, phone, anything in the back seat that will remind you to look in the back. Our children's lives depend on it.

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