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A Child has Died in California from Baby Heat Stroke

Another child has died on October 11, after being left in a hot car. A young 11 month old boy died in Fresno California. This little boy was found in the back of a parked car in an apartment complex. The doors were closed, and the windows rolled up, which usually means the parent or caregiver completely forgot about the child. When the police arrived, they attempted CPR, but the little boy was unconscious and later pronounced dead at the hospital. This time, it was the grandmother that was taking care of the little boy, but she appeared to have forgotten all about him. Since 1990, 700 children have died this terrible death. Mostly due to parents and caregivers forgetting the child in the back, or because the child was able to return to the car without being noticed, and then became trapped. We see that this can happen to almost anyone, including a police officer, news reporters, people from anywhere, at any time. What do they all have in common? They were not paying attention. SO, they need reminders. Before we get out of a car, look around, turn around. See anyone you know? That's the idea. Now, let us spread the word: Never get out of a car until you have made certain no one is still in the car. As for my free rear-view hangers, just ask for one, or more, and I will personally mail them to you. Hand them out. Tell people- "Look before you Lock." Thanks. Lets keep our eyes wide open and keep a look out for children left unattended in cars.

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