A 2016 Update on Where Baby Heat Stroke deaths are occurring.

As always, a very special thanks to Jan Null of the Department of Meteorology & Climate Science at the San Jose State University. He works hard to update and keep us all informed as to the latest information concerning children that have died as a result of heat stroke. From his chart above, Texas has had the most number of child deaths. Florida, my home state, is the second most dangerous state for a child regarding heat stroke. This year, 39 children have died around the country from baby heat stroke In the state of Florida,

Equally painful, is the number of children that die from gunfire. In Miami-Dade County alone, 9 children have died in 2016. Here is the chart:

These children were simply at a parade, or playing basketball in front of their home when they were shot. We need to take better care of our children. They deserve better.

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