High School Students Create Baby Heat Stroke Warning Videos. Must Watch

Five children in Florida alone this year have died from heat stroke after being forgotten and left behind in a car. The temperatures rise quickly, and within a short time, a child can die from the extreme heat. A case i know about in the Miami, Florida area, is about a little boy who was forgotten in a car as the parents and older siblings ran off to a church service. They all thought that the little boy was with someone else. However, one hour later, the boy was still strapped into his car seat. He had severe bite marks on his arms because that was his way of dealing with he brutal pain of extreme heat. He was taken to the hospital, and survived. The parents were not charged with a crime, and you will not find this accounting in the newspaper. My point? There are many more children that suffer terrible anguish while they wait to be rescued. They do not die form heat stroke, but some develop severe permanent injuries and become disabled for life. These incidents are very seldom reported. We have to be careful. So, LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK. Turn around before you get out of the car- do a double check. There is so m much to loose if you don't. Thank you.

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