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The Hot Cars Act of 2016- Hopefully a new law that can lower child deaths from baby heat stroke

The Hot Cars Act of 2016 is a proposed law (a Bill) which, if passed will require car manufacturers to put safety devices in new cars. These devices will warn drivers that there is someone in the back seat. Reminders- Yes, we need them. 39 children died from baby heat stroke in 2016 because these children were left behind. 800 children have died since 1990. That is nearly the entire population of my school. Will this bill become law? I certainly hope so. What can we do to support the passing of this bill? Write your legislators and tell them to vote for this Act. I will keep you updated as to this exciting prospect. Please watch this video, it gives more information about the Bill. The wording is a little backwards, but just listen to the commentary. Thanks.

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