A Simple Heat Sensor Device Could Save a Life and Prevent Baby Heat Stroke

The SensorPush Wireless Thermometer: A valuable safety tool

A simple device-the SensorPush Wireless Thermometer, could send the driver a warning when the temperature of the car reaches a certain temperature. A good way to protect our children from baby heat stroke. While we are waiting for car manufacturers to install safety devices in new cars, this simple $60 device can be placed anywhere in a car. When the temperature of the car reaches a certain temperature, a limit the driver sets, the driver will be notified by phone. This device works with iPhones and android phones. It is quite effective and could remind the driver that they have left their child in the back seat of the car. The device can be bought through Amazon.com, and with a little bit of computer knowledge, the driver can set warnings as to the inside temperature of their car. This device is a good safety device to protect our children, but it is also good for keeping our pets safe as well. It warns us whenever the car, or our home, reaches certain temperature- too hot for children, pets, or elderly family members. I recommend giving this device a try. Programming is not difficult. The idea for using this device for car safety- preventing baby heat stroke, was originated by my brother Craig , an eighth grader, working on a science project. Great ideas can come from anyone determined to make a difference. Thanks Craig.

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