will be at the 9th Annual Okeechobee Family Health & Safety Expo January 30,

Okeechobee County Agri-Civic Center & Fairgrounds

This coming Saturday, January 30, 2017 between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm there will be the annual Family Health and Safety Expo which is very well done and worth the trip. I was invited last year by my good friends at at the Okeechobee County Healthy Start Coalition- a really dedicated group of people that care about parents and children. They have excellent programs, and understand very well what it takes to keep a child healthy and safe. Thank you to Andrea Medellin, Community Liaison for the invite this year. Last year we got to meet thousands of people, heard great music, and watched everything from Helicopters landing, to our Firefighters using the "jaws of life" to open a door and free a victim after a terrible car accident (simulated of course). I learned, even more, how dedicated our first responders are. The Okeechobee County Healthy Start Coalition professionals are really first responders because they help moms avoid difficult times, they explain how to care for a child, what is good to eat and what is not and a lot more. They have amazing programs and I recommend taking a look at their Facebook. They have locations all over Florida. Well See you this weekend. I'll be singing again- I hope. Check them out:

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