Another Child Baby Heat Stroke Death, here in Florida. First for 2017

Pinecrest Police investigating baby heat stroke

Pine crest Police investigating baby heat stroke incident

A 1 year old boy, Samuel Schnall, died from being forgotten in the back of a car in Pinecrest, Florida. He is the first death for the new year and died from baby heat stroke. There are not many details about who left the little boy in the car, but it seems that caretakers were responsible. I live only a mile or two from the location. Yes, it was not really hot lately- about 80 degrees to 83 degrees, and comfortable. That is the problem. People think that children can handle temperatures like adults. They can not. They have little bodies that are not fully developed. An adult can take the heat four or five times better than a young baby. The child was responsive when the police arrived, but by the time he got to the hospital, he was gone. The child is having a heat stroke at about 104 degrees. By the time the body reaches 107 degrees, key organs have already begun shutting down. Please spread the word- don't leave kids unattended. Even if it seems cool outside, or not extremely hot, children have very fragile bodies. These parents that lost their son, have to live a life time with a terrible loss. My sincerest sympathies. Lets get the word out. Here is the goal for 2017- not one more death.

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