A mom places her child's ashes in her car seat-one last time.

The ashes of a brave little girl Ellie who died from a brain tumor

A brave mom, Sarah Walton, strapped her little girl Ellie into her little car seat one final time. Ellie had died from a brain tumor, and her ashes kept in a temporary box the mom decorated with personal items. The post left by the little girls' mom is tragic and sad and shows the love of a parent for their child. Please read this amazing post at www.goodhousekeeping.com. I wanted to write about the pain of a parent because unlike Ms. Walton, who struggled so hard to save her daughters' life with chemo therapy and other medical treatments, still lost the battle. But, those children that are simply left in the back seat of a hot car to die from baby heat stroke- exposure to extreme heat, could have been saved. No modern medical break throughs are required. It is not necessary to create a special vaccine, or antidote to protect the child. In fact, no medical science is required to save a life from baby heat stroke at all. The parent, or the caregiver. has to simply remember one thing- "Look before you Lock". That's it! The parents that have lost their children, could very easily have taken the same picture of their child being put in a car one last time. Such pain. So, if you know a young parent, any parent who drives with young children, caregivers that are responsible for transporting children, would you share this story please? We have to stop the deaths of these beautiful, innocent, children that did not suffer from a rare brain tumor, as little Ellie, but lost their lives because someone forgot to "Look before you Lock." Thank you, and please spread the word and share Ms. Walton's story.

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