These numbers are all WRONG! Since this poster was printed, another 92 children have died from baby

611 child's deaths since 1998?  Not any more.  Now the number is 703!

These numbers are wrong- another 92 children have died needlessly

I was reminded that teaching parents and caregivers to "Look before you Lock" is a matter of life and death. Since I printed this poster, an additional 92 children have died! From something completely avoidable. According to Jan Null, a meteorologist, the number of children that have died since 1998 is 703- SEVEN HUNDRED AND THREE as of April 3, 2017. We have to continue to get the word out- never leave kids unattended in cars. The recent death of a child in Pinecrest, Florida, and Tampa, Florida, and most recently Louisiana shows that DISTRACTED busy-busy drivers make very poor caregivers.

Children are dying because drivers are so busy with their daily routine, that they forget the poor child in the car. Remember, even if it is 85 degrees outside, once you close the door and turn off the engine, the inside temperature of the car can climb to 110 degrees and more after only about 10 minutes. Children are fragile, and their bodies can not stand such extreme heat. To a child, it is a SAUNA. What happens, is that at 107 degrees, body temperature, the organs of the child fail and shut down. Baby heat stroke is within moments. That is why if we see a child in a car alone, even if the windows are down, first- call 911. Then, if you live in a state where there are "good Samaratin laws" you may break a window without getting in trouble with the police. After all, you are saving a life. What would you do if you saw a child alone in a car?

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