Mayor Tomas Regalado speaks on baby heat stroke- child safety, with Kelly Ann Cosentino, Founder of

Mayor Regalado, Mayor of the City of Miami, is so dedicated to child safety, that he was willing to meet with me, Kelly Ann Cosentino and, and share his views on children forgotten in the back seat of cars. I asked him many questions, and he is an advocate of child safety. He believes that children left in cars unattended is cruel, and must stop. He believes that the laws in Florida are not strict enough. In fact, the laws only become effective when a child has been left unattended for 15 minutes. That is a serious limitation with the law. There are other limitations. The laws treats this crime of leaving children unattended by parents and caregivers as a misdemeanor rather than a serious felony. The Mayor believes the law should be changed, and we at agree completely.

Watch the Mayor's Interview Here:

Mayor Regalado speaks about Baby heat stroke with Kelly Ann Cosentino, Founder

If you listen to the interview, it is about 18 minutes long, you will see not only his strong stance on child safety, but the intelligent man he is . After meeting with him, I was very glad that we have had Mayor Regalado as our Mayor- he cares a great deal about the people of Miami. Thank you Mayor for your dedication to the people of Miami, and for caring about baby heat stroke and standing up the those children that cannot.

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