9 Baby Heat Stroke Deaths for 2017. Yesterday, 2 more children were found dead!

Site of a tragedy- 2 more children have died on May 25, 2017 from baby heat stroke in Texas

Just yesterday, in Parker Country Texas, there was another tragedy for two young children who became trapped inside their family car. A 16 month old and a 2 year old were found inside a car when the outside temperature was in the high 90's. Both children died from baby heat stroke, leaving the family devastated. Somehow, the children were able to re-enter the car and became trapped. The mother had to break a window to free the children, but they had already died from baby heat stroke. The case is being investigated. Texas is the most dangerous state for baby heat stroke. Second place falls to Florida. Although people blame these states for high deaths because of their high temperatures, which is true. However, children can die in cool climates as well. An investigation into a recent child death in Alabama of a one year old boy named Christian Evan Sanders, found that the outside air temperature was only 68 degrees. Parents and caregivers should never assume that what may be comfortable for adults, is acceptable for children. Children are four or five times less able to deal with temperatures then adults. What appears cool for us, is just enough to end the life of a young child. In another case in Texas, a two-year old Kingston Jackson died from baby heat stroke when the outside air temperature was only 82 degrees. The answer to ending these senseless deaths- never leave children unattended in a car and never leave your vehicle unlocked if you have young children. What do you think? Thank you.

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