According to Mayor Tomas Regalado, June 8, 2017 is "Kelly Ann Cosentino and The Baby Heat Strok

Mayor Tomas Regalado at the City of Miami City Hall with Kelly Ann Cosentino, Founder The Baby Heat Stroke Institute.

Well, I am very much humbled by the compassion of a great Mayor, the Mayor of my birth town Miami, Florida. After interviewing Mayor Tomas Regalado over a month ago, he stated that the deaths of children left in hot cars was completely unacceptable. The Honorable Mayor supports the dissemination of information about the dangers of baby heat stroke. So much so, that he has proclaimed June 8 as "Kelly Ann Cosentino and The Baby Heat Stroke Institute Day in the City of Miami" . Well, from my heart, I really want everyone to know about the heat stroke awareness part. There are many good organizations out there that have been fighting hard to bring awareness. All the Police and First Responders, the many good television reporters that have showcased the tragedy of baby heat stroke, and are doing, and have done everything possible to spread the word- through showing the videos of the aftermath and explaining ways to avoid child deaths. To all those that have written countless articles around baby heat stroke. To all those that have made videos- students, parents of deceased children, and others all in the name of saving a child from a painful death. Many of these videos you can seen on my blog right here. I have been tracking these videos and accident reports for more than three years. Good people have helped to bring awareness to the cause such as Jan Null, a Meteorologist in California that works tirelessly to keep the statistics current, continue his research, and is an amazing resource to everyone fighting baby heat stroke, and a man of great compassion.

Today, Mayor Tomas Regalado reached out to the community to spread the word. The city commissioners also signed off on this day, it's purpose is to make a difference. As Mayor Regalado said to me in our interview, "even if we can save just one life, it would be all worth it." Yes, all this even just for one life. Thank you to all the organizations and people that bring awareness to child safety. Lets keep up the fight until children dying from baby heat stroke are as common as children dying from a tooth ache.

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