19 Children have died this year from Baby Heat Stroke.

Ms. Rose Ann Haven, a WKRG reporter, speaks about Timothy's death due to Baby Heat Stroke.

(Credit: Rhaven@WKRG.com)

Florida, the second most dangerous state for children that die from vehicular heat stroke (baby heat stroke), has lost another child- Timothy Christoper McCoy. Timothy was only 7 weeks, and that makes the third death in Florida this year so far. A "Miscommunication" between the mother and the grandmother caused the child to be forgotten. While the temperature was in the high 80 degree range, because the car acts like an oven, the inside air temperature was well over 100 degrees. In fact, according to research, the inside air temperature can be 40 or 50 degrees HOTTER than the outside air temperature. So, on this particular day, little timothy was in a car where the temperature could have been as high as 150 degrees! Make matters worse, young Timothy was left in the car for about 8 hours. The excruciating pain he endured on his young body must have been horrendous. Parents, caregivers- please, we have to be careful. Spread the word to everyone, especially during this "season of baby heat stroke death", never leave kids alone in a car.

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