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Carter Outdoor Advertising Donates 2 Powerful signs warning against Baby Heat Stroke.

Kelly Ann, Founder of Baby Heat Stroke, standing in front of a donated billboard supporting child safety

Kelly Ann Cosentino in front of one of the signs donated by Carter Outdoor Advertising.

The Carter Outdoor Advertising company, based in Fort Meyers, so kindly dedicated 2 signs to child safety and preventing any further loss of life by baby heat stroke (hyperthermia). They donated these amazing billboards. This one is located on 248 street and U.S. 1 north Bound. It was a beautiful day when I saw the completed billboard which was formally presented by Carter executives that came down for the occasion. The number of child deaths in 2017, as of August 8, 2017, is 32. This is more than all of 2015, 2014, 2006, 2002. In Florida alone, we are the second most dangerous state for baby heat stroke, Five children have died so far in Florida. Texas has the most number of deaths with seven child deaths, from hyperthermia (baby heat stroke). Thank you my friends at Carter Outdoor Advertising.

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