Here we go again, another 3 year old forgotten in a school van in Pensacola day care center.

Police from Escambia County Sheriff's Office investigating the death of a child at a Christian Academy in the town of Ensley. (credit: Pensacola NewsJournal).

According to early reports, a three year old girl died after being left in the day care centers van for several hours. The Florida Department of Children and Families characterizes this death as a "hot car death." With the extreme temperatures we have been having in Florida, the interior of the car must have well above 110 degrees. The temperature of a child, which is four to five times less able to deal with temperature then an adult, will shut down at 107 degrees, body temperature. The child was apparently still alive when she was brought to the hospital, but died shortly after. No charges have yet been made and an investigation is underway.

As tragic as this event and loss is, it is completely avoidable. Please spread the word, the more people are reminded to "Look before they lock" the less likely these tragic incidents will occur.

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