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Another Baby has died from Baby Heat Stroke today!

According to Fox8, an 11 month old baby girl died from baby heat stroke after being forgotten the back of the family car. this happened in Louisiana in the town of Metairie, LA. She died tonight at about 6:00 pm. the temperatures were in the 89 degree range. According to Meteorologist Jan Null, who supplies with invaluable statistics, the car could have reached 155 degrees today.

As an experiment, I checked the car today in Florida around 4:00 pm. The inside car temperature was 109 degrees (I am not sure the thermometer goes any higher). I sat down for approximately two minutes and found that it was very difficult to breath, to even take a breath of air because the air was so hot and thick. Can you imagine a child left in a car for hours? The pain must be unbearable. That is why when I listened to the police officer talk about the child's death on, I was upset. He should have been strong- warning parents about the dangers and the avoidable aspect of this kind of death. In my opinion, it should have been given forcefully. Too many children are dying and this is no time to be casual about drivers forgetting children in cars. What do you think?

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