Update: Child's father arrested for "negligent homicide" in baby heat stroke.

Mr. Sheng Li and his 11 month old daughter who died thursday from baby heat stroke. Ms. Sheng Li has been arrested for "Negligent homicide".

Today, Mr. Sheng Li was arrested for the "negligent homicide" of his 11 month old daughter. She died at the local hospital in Louisiana on Thursday from baby heat stroke. I had commented in yesterday's blog that the officer had been casual about the interview. In an article from the New Orleans Advocate, it was disclosed that the officer had just received a promotion. That was the cause for the casual attitude. Still, the Sheriff's Office, interviewed Mr. Sheng Li, and decided to make an arrest because of the tragic death. It is true that the pain and sorrow from such loss is unbearable. But, I believe the arrest is not to punish Mr. Sheng Li, but rather to send a message to other drivers to be very cautious when transporting children. I think the message is: "we are sorry for you and your family, but a child has died. We can not ignore this death. Someone must be held accountable if we are ever going to put an end to these senseless deaths." That's my opinion. I am sorry Mr. Sheng Li for your loss. I just hope that people seeing the action that the police department have followed up with, will see the arrest as a deterrent to other drivers- " Check your car before you get out" . It's that easy. Save a life. What do you think?

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