Hurricane Irma and Heat Stroke

Like children forgotten in the back of a car, senior citizens are not able to deal with high temperatures. As of today, 10 adults died from Heat Stroke.

I live in South Florida, and was hit by Hurricane IRMA. One story stands out- about a nursing home and about 10 senior citizens that died from heat stroke, heat exhaustion. The heat actually caused their hearts to fail- to stop pu

mping. But, that is exactly what happens to children left in hot cars. These senior citizens were left in extreme heat. Some say over 100 degrees. The children that die from Baby Heat Stroke are also left in extreme high heat, and they too die. Why? It is really quite simple. Both the body of a baby and the body of a senior citizen, that happened to be sick and in bed, are not strong but weak. The heat is just too much for their little bodies to deal with. The senior citizens can not deal with the heat either. Once the body temperature of the child reaches 107, death is imminent. Heat Stroke is present.

My deepest sympathies for the poor senior citizens that had to suffer terribly. Until IRMA, I did not realize how similar the elderly are to a child in dealing with heat. Both are fragile and need our careful attention. Always.

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