2017 is almost Gone. We sadly set a record high in baby heat stroke deaths. But, there are promises

city of Miami Fire Chef, baby heat stroke, 2017

City of Miami Fire Chief Joseph Zahralban met with Kelly Ann Cosentino about the dangers of baby heat stroke. Video will be out soon. Thank you Chef for great insight and compassion.

For 2017, we lost 42 children from baby heat stroke. Lives that we could have saved if the driver had onlyturned around and taken notice of their precious cargo. Yes, this is painful. The losses to the families can not be measured. The suffering is beyond words. For the rest of us, we must hope and pray that 2018 will be a better year. The Hot Car Act of 2016 is still being debated, and will require car manufacturers to install a safety device, if the Bill is passed. The car manufacturer GMC came out with a warning device to remind drivers (See my earlier blog). But, will it work- will it stop parents from dashing out of the car and rushing off with their daily activities? I am watching, and so are all of you who write to me and post on Facebook and social media. To all the organizations out there that are trying to bring awareness nation wide regarding this ichild safety issue, to good people like Jan Null, Meterologist who tracks the statistics- thank you. To the amazing first responders that have the agonizing duty of transporting a deceased child that has died after being left in the back seat of a car. To all the good people who gave their time to me over this year and agreed to be interviewed such as the Honorable Mayor Regalado, and Chief of Police Rodolfo Llanes, Fire Chief Zahralban and everyone on his staff that made sure that this safety issue will be disseminated to the public- a very big THANK YOU. You have my deepest respect, and thank you for keeping us safe and sound. I will make a proclamation of my own-for 2018, we will have the lowest fatalities in history- there I said it, and that is also my prayer.

Blessings to all who work to protect and save children each and every day, without stopping. To the glorious people at Healthy Start in Okeechobee and all around the state of Florida, and other states. Thank you. You are all truly LIFE SAVERS. I can not imagine where we would be without your loving care.

Merry Christmas,

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Kwanzaa

and to my friends that do not have a special celebration, have a restful and peaceful day.

Respectfully yours,

Kelly Ann Cosentino, Founder Babyheatstroke.org and bebesenpeligro.org

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