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Two 5-month old twins die from baby heat stroke in Virginia.

Twin infants found dead in a family car on May 5, 2018 in Virginia

Two two five-month old infants- a baby girl and boy, were overcome by extreme heat and suffered baby heat stroke after being left in the family car. ABC News reported that in Chesterfield County, Virginia, the driver/father forgot his two children. CPR was performed, and the children were immediately sent to the hospital. One of the children died on the scene, while the other child died later at the hospital. The husband had forgotten the children after returning home from dropping his wife off at work.

As we enter June, July, August, September, and beyond, outside air temperatures will continue to rise. Outside air temperature is deceptive. It may be comfortable for an adult, but for a child, strapped inside a car seat, it is fatal. The inside temperature of a car is much, much hotter than the temperature outside. If the temperature outside is 90 deg rees, which is hot, the inside temperature could be 30,40, even 50 degrees hotter! How would you like to sit in a car, unable to move, windows closed, and the temperature in the car is 140 degrees? That is cruel. A child's organs begin to shut down when the body temperature reaches 107 degrees. Heat stroke destroys organs, a child's body is unable to deal with such high temperatures. The result is what we are seeing today: two beautiful little children that are now dead. We have to continue to spread the word- please remind everyone you know that it is never safe to leave a child unattended in a car. And, please remind drivers that before they get out of the car- just look in the back seat. Just in case. That could save a life. Thank you.

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