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Another child death from Baby Heat Stroke in Nashville, Tennessee

Family Car Where the young child was found. She was pronounced dead at hospital

According to CBS News, another child has lost her life from Baby Heat Stroke. Young Katera barker, a one-year-old child was forgotten in the family car for several hours. The picture above is the pick=up where she was left. Her father had brough Katera and her 5 year old sibling to day care, but forgot somehow to to also drop off the one-year old. The father drove home, with young Katera still in the back seat, and got out of his car to take a cab ride to the airport. The father claims it was unintentional.

When the mother went to pick up her two children from the daycare center, the mother realized that it was possible that the child was still int he car. The daughter was found in the hot truck around 5:30 pm. CPR was performed, but the young girl was pronounced dead at Vanderbilt Hospital. Katera was in the car for approximately 10 hours. The outside temperature was 89 degrees. As of today, 749 children have died from baby heat stroke since 1998.

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