755 child deaths since 1998- and the number of deaths is climbing each week!

In June alone, five children have died: King Trammel, Lillian Danielle Kerr, Hakeem Mussa, Maria Solorio, and Hannah Grace Miller. All ranged in ages from 7 months to three years.

#1. Hannah Grace Miller (Died June 3, 2018). Forgotten in the back seat of the family car. According the the obituary, she will be missed not only by her parents, but by grandparents- Randy Miller, Cindy Fenne Fevin and Brenda Fuqua, brothers Eliah Miller and Issac Miller, aunt and uncles- Jefff Miller, Ben Fuqua, Dan Fuqua, and Chris and Jessica Fuqua and several cousins. The obituary stated: "Hannah loved being outside, picking flowers barefoot for people she loved, playing priincess and all beautiful things.

#2. Maria Solorio (Died on June 4, 2018) Little Maria Solorio, eight months of age, died in a "scorching hot truck" in Baytown, Texas. It was 91 degrees. According to ABC news, each parent thought the other had the little girl and was caring for her.

The "Heat Index" on this day was 100 degrees. What a terrible way to die.

#3. Hakeem Musssa, (Died on June 4, 2018). Here is another case of family members believing the other was caring the child in the back seat of the family car. Hakeem was only 7 months when brother, parents, and other family members each though the other had young Hakeem.

#4. Lillian "Lilly Pad" Danielle Kerr (Died June 9, 2018). Lillian was also a victim of Baby Heat Stroke when she was forgotten in the family car. According to her obituary, she left behind h

er Mother, maternal grandparents, Betty and Jonnie Evans, three brothers, Mateo Evans, Brian and Kyle Kerr, five sisters, Emma, Isabella, and Paisley. This tragedy has a far-reaching devastating effect. Lillian was two years old, and died with outside air temperature of 95 degrees.

#5. King Trammel (Died June 15). Young King was only 18 months old when he was left in the family car to die tragically.. The boy was pronounced dead at the scene. He was left alone while his parents were inside their home. The car windows were closed and the motor was turned off. The father is being charged with involuntary manslaughter and unlawful neglect of a child.. The mother of the young boy told the judge that the husband committed no wrong.

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