765 Deaths of children abandoned and forgotten in the back seat- since 1998. Latest deaths this past

Once again, as we reach this deadly time of year, the number of children dying in the back seat of the family car is increasing. Since my last blog, another 10 children have died from baby heat stroke. Slade Edison Horne, died at just 7 months. It was 91 degrees in Kingsland, Georgia when she was forgotten in the back seat of the family car.

On June 21, young remington Engler, a 21 month old was left in the back seat of the car mom was driving. Mother was admittedly very distracted this day, and forgot her young child. She discovered her daughter in the back seat of the car later that day "blue" and raced over to the hospital. It was too late, the young girl was pronounced dead. The mother, severely distressed, was arrested.

This young boy, Greg Puckett, age 3 from Sweetwater, Tennessee, died from baby heat stroke on July 9, 2018. The outside temperature was 87 degrees. Young Greg was found in a locked car. It is believed, according to ABC News, that boy was in the car for approximately 35 minutes.

A young boy, name unknown, died in South Sacramento, California on Jlly 7, 2018. The outside air temperature was 95 degrees. Details are not yet known, the boy is believed to possibly have made his way into the car, or forgotten in the car. He was two years old.

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