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Another Death In Alabama- This Time Mom is Criminally Charged

A second death in Alabama, of a child left in the back set of the family car, occurred on August 23, 2018. The young 2-year girl was "forgotten" in the back set. The first death in Alabama happened in May, that child was 4 years old. However, the state of Alabama, the 13th worst state for heat stroke deaths among children (baby heat stroke) took strong legal action. The first death back in May, resulted in the mother, Ms. Erica Dees, being charged with a "criminally negligent homicde" this July. The case is pending and Ms. Dees is out on bond.

Both Alabama case could have been avoided. these children died needlessly. The driver only has to check the back seat of the vehicle before leaving. That is all. When a mother, a father, or guardian is not willing to make this simple safety check, just as we look in a rear view mirror before crossing lanes of traffic, than the driver is acting irresponsibly. Perhaps it is this sentiment that has caused the Alabama police department to bring these very serious charges against the mother of the young child.

This is an extremely hot time of the year- we even have heat waves. There have been deaths as far north as Montana, and children as young as a few weeks old, have died from this agonizing death. Please BE CAREFUL- SPREAD THE WORD- JUST lOOK IN THE BACK SEAT BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR CAR! Adult and senior citizens are also susceptible to heat waves.

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