Another Death- Daleville, Indiana, a 2 year old boy "forgotten" in the back seat of family

A memorial is set up outside the home of young Jaxon Stilts, who died from baby heat stroke

Britni Wihebrink, was arrested on Thursday on charts of "neglect of a dependent resulting in death".

Ms. Wihebrink is being charged with the death of her son, young 1 year old Jaxon. If convicted of this felony charge, she could go to jail for up to 40 years. Her son was found unresponsive on Wednesday and prounoucnced dead shortly after leaving the scene by ambulance workers. Young Jaxon was left in the car for hours. Ms. Wihebrink said that she had been drinking since about 11am and did not know where her son was. Her intoxicated state prevented her obviously, from acting responsibly. However, Jaxon is not gone forever because of her disregard for his life.

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