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Florida is Getting Tough- Employee who "Forgot" child in hot van, sentenced to 11 months J

Louvenia Johnson wil serve 11 months in prison for her negligence.

In August of 2017, a young boy, Jai'Nier Barnes, died from baby heat stroke after being left in the "His Arms Christian Academy's" school van, in Pensacola, Florida. Louvenia Johnson was responsible for transporting the children to the school, but on this particular day, she was negligent and left young Jai'Nier in the back seat to die from the terrible heat. Ms. Johnson will also receive 10 YEARS of probation. She is one of two people responsible for the boy's death. The other employee, known as Cornel McGee, was acquitted.

The criminal part of the investigation revealed that Ms. Johnson signed records stating that she had taken the boy out of the van, when she had not. Ms. Johnson has five children of her.

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